What happens when you take drugs?

To begin with, when you see football players kneeling down in protest of racism for people who would otherwise never do such a thing for white people, it's exactly like them kneeling in front of our tanks. In other words, you see the technology that is prevalent in the spiritual realm and it's hard to see because they are prevalent in you. When you are doing drugs, everything is happening inside you, so there are other dimensions that are operating than the 3D outside world.

This means that when you get high, you become a higher dimensional person. But the direction is very different. It depends on a lot of things, like what kind of stuff you do it with, what your state of consciousness is and what your state of mind is. Whether you already have a helper who is more aware and how much he or she can help you. How scared you are and what your routine is. For the higher dimensions are non-physical worlds where collectives are at home and are highly hierarchical, of which you are at the bottom rather than the top. Not to mention, you're unlikely to be that popular because your fantasies there are just as real as the immigrants raping the streets of Europe. I'm not making this analogy for nothing, because I'm guessing you've figured out that there's a correlation between the two.

But I have good news, I've created something, a spiritual framework, that as it starts to take effect in the spheres, it solves this problem. But I didn't do this a hundred years ago, I only started it 3 years ago and because no one has ever done this before, there is no way of knowing how it happens. Well, you can know, but I am in the middle of work and it is only appropriate to report on something like this at the end. But what happens at such times?

When you get high, your body stays in 3D, but your consciousness rises. Cool, you've solved the consciousness shift in one sniff. But the problem with that is that your 3D world also ascends and meets consciousnesses for whom the physical world is just as interesting as yours. It's interesting for a while, just like it's fun to visit a third world country, but not nearly sure you'd want to live there. To them, however, your world is third world, where, like you, you are not limited in your fantasies, they are not limited in their occupations. Which spreads out through the people in your own consciousness network to the whole world. I'm working on the problem in the meantime, which means I'm sitting in one place in an apartment and depending on my consciousness position, who's in charge changes in the world. When I was living the happy life of 3D from here, the West was the boss, then came Islam, and now it's China's turn. You who are reading this are also on this journey to a world (or one for everyone) where he is the boss and in this system called Multiplex Projection the picture is reassembled into a harmonious system.

When you first tried the drug, which could be a non-prescription medicine, or a fried mushroom, or a trauma you've suffered, you left your old 3D world behind and entered the world of multidimensions... but you don't notice any of this at all, you live so much in the outside world. My solution is based on the observation that this situation is not a problem at all, if I look at it as an opportunity in the light of the problems I have found in the even higher dimensions. That is, it may well be that the cause, your first drugging, is really just the second cause that makes sense to you of what is happening in the 3D timeline and the real cause is the need of the still higher dimensions to solve their problems. And this holographic game program is an excellent answer to that:

- to learn

- to heal

- have adventures

- to explore and develop.

The question on everyone's mind is what happened in your old world. First of all, you never had the old world you remember now, because the higher dimensions have overwritten it in your present timeline. Then you may not have had a world because you are a higher dimensional consciousness that is plugged into this reality. And if you did have a world, I don't think you'd even recognize it, and if you did, you might easily find it very embarrassing. There are two kinds of people here. One has a spiritual experience, the other is a spiritual being who experiences physical existence.

In this multiplex projection, everyone finds a place to call home, whether they are individually conscious or collectively. Because the system is constantly evolving, you are constantly in play even when you are meditating. Don't believe you are a junkie, don't believe you are an addict, because then your status in the game becomes that of a junkie and an addict. It's all in the mind and if you sort it out there, the world will sort itself out around you. By the way, I used to say when asked 'who am I' that I was the 'white man with a gun' and it always worked. But I don't recommend it for you, unless you wish to take an extreme arc similar to the one I took, until I got to the point where I was writing this stuff and you were reading it.


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