Transmigration of Souls

People, the soul is not wandering anywhere!

Imagine a higher dimensional network with countless end points. The reason you believe that there is soul migration is because you are interpreting it in your individual consciousness in the outside world. When someone dies, it means one endpoint goes into a passive state, but there are still many endpoints on the same network that remain active. Since there are parallel realities where the person doesn't die, there is nothing to wander around because they are already there. It is an internal network, where if we talk about the further journey or existence of the same individual consciousness after death in terms of individual consciousness, we can basically infer two directions:

1. The consciousness
2. The soul

The soul is easier to understand because it is there in the other people and it will be there in the parallel reality where the deceased wakes up in bed the next morning and doesn't notice any of this. At most he will have strange dreams and thoughts, maybe memories of things that never happened. If I say that there is such a thing as transmigration of the soul, it is not transmigrating outwards, but inwards towards the conscious network as information. What can cause the misunderstanding is that people confuse soul with consciousness, because soul is permanent, whereas consciousness is bound to the individual.

When I see on TV that spiritual investigators are using tools to communicate with the dead in certain haunted places, where they even find evidence, it's a bug in this system, which is caused by a belief in the power of creation. As people wrongly indulge the otherwise logical (false) belief that souls wander outside, they also create an anomaly that finds difficult to understand Inside. In this anomaly, a belief about death may lead the way after death and create a ghost that bears the characteristics of the belief, but these are copies that have certain imprints of the deceased. In other words, you create these ghosts yourself, and since they are created, you can prove the phenomenon with your instruments, which in essence completely misinterprets the correct interpretation of things.

There are initiates with greater knowledge who talk about souls trapped between two worlds and that's what causes the anomaly, because these people can divert the path of souls from the normal inward direction outward to an environment that is not ideal for them, where they wander around because they can't find their way in. In this case, the only option for them is to possess living people who, by dying, will find their way inwards. Such a trapping between two worlds can also be caused by someone not wanting to let go of the deceased, i.e. by creating a pull on them, which they believe will be directed to the outside world, where two artificial spiritual worlds (created by human belief) projected into the non-material realm await them, Heaven and Hell. From there they look down on their loved ones, help them and see someone, say, renovating a car that has grown on them and they must be very happy about it, but the truth is that the question is already completely irrelevant to them at the point where they are placed. From that point on, he will be primarily interested in getting out of that situation, so that he can, say, get to the parallel reality where he would prefer to be.

When I, who had been rumoured in XD to be able to solve all kinds of problems with my logic-based rationality, was led to this problem, I created a separate sphere in which I solved the question of repatriation for these consciousnesses and diverted soul fragments. In other words, the problem is solved while this situation is constantly being recreated, with a slight digression.

If I were to organize this topic in a few sentences in our minds, I would rather describe this death issue as a tower block, where the simple belief is that Heaven is one floor above and Hell is one floor below. Where who is angel and who is demon depends on where you view the same being from. Based on the experience I have accumulated in my work so far, the possible directions after death are as follows, if I do not include the anomaly I have just described:

1. You wake up in a parallel reality where only your present memories remain
2. You return (or, because of your higher dimensional level, go forward) in time to a particular point in the timeline, where you resume life there with a post-sleep awakening, gifting your self there with the knowledge and experience you have accumulated in this world
3. You are born in a new body in the continuum of the timeline in the present reality
4. You are born in a time of your choosing in the timeline, either in the distant past or future, because of your higher dimensional potential
5. You awaken in Heaven, which may be the same world one floor above
6. You're born in Hell, which could be the same world one level down, with the caveat that if you like it better one level down, it won't feel like Hell (if, say, upstairs you're forbidden from doing a lot of things because of a quieter flow you liked to do before, you'll feel more like Hell upstairs)
7. it's best to aim your faith at your ideal next world before you die and repeat it at the end of your life there

It's like playing an adventure game program on a PC (=your real life in a holographic world), where you can move from track to track, but it's actually up to you to choose the next track, if you do it consciously. In the absence of this, you are left with the institutions that we think of as religions and in that sense they are like busy travel agencies.

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