Theory of waking from a coma


"Have you ever woken someone from a coma?"
"What I do with my mind, I cannot prove to others."

I've done some research where I came across the problem of people in comas. A coma is actually nothing more than some kind of impact that causes the brain to rise so suddenly to higher dimensions that the body cannot follow, so the brain separates the two functions. When we wonder what a comatose person might be feeling, we mostly formulate our fears. But the truth may be the exact opposite.

So much so that the difficulty of coming out of a coma is not that you have to somehow escape from a terrible situation, but the opposite. You have to give up glorious situations, great power, only to wake up in a fragile body and live a boring life compared to what you had before. This is not easy and there is also the problem of what to do with one's holographic projections, which could be interpreted as real people in countless realities.

"How did you find this information?"
"By studying autistic people."

What we perceive as the only outside world is just a 3D field, which if we interfere with it from higher dimensions, it will not be perceived by the people living in it. Such an intervention from 3D does not happen suddenly, or if it does, it rarely happens in the present. This is because if the purpose of the intervention is the present, then the evolution of events to that point can only occur from the past. There is a more drastic intervention that takes place in the present, but it is not noticed in 3D because when you are plugged into the Earth Hologram you have family, friends, a job and a past. Which everyone will remember as things that have happened.

If a comatose person's consciousness ascends to a higher dimension, they will also develop a dimensional connection from here to there. From another observation I have made, I conclude that in a 3D reality where the higher dimensions are already present, this connection also manifests, i.e. a group of living people who are at different dimensional levels. If all this happens suddenly, these people will not have the opportunity to evolve and since coma is not considered a normal state, they will not all be either.

"Can you wake someone up from a coma?"
"It's a very serious organisational task, of which you see the point as just a small moment."

If someone wants to bring someone out of a coma, according to the current state of medical science, the person in the coma will be the most angry. The comatose person will neither know that he has fallen into a coma, nor that the source of his presence is a physical body in abnormality. Moreover, since individual consciousness rarely enters the higher dimensions, it is much more difficult to admit such things within oneself, especially if one thus appears as a collective centre above also suddenly. So the thing is, if we know a comatose person, we may well be full of acquaintances who are projections of that comatose person.

On the one hand, this approach goes far beyond what science could fit into today's worldview, and on the other hand, it raises theological questions that religion cannot fit into today's worldview. The world of a scientist is based on evidence, i.e. when I go to a person with a wake-up call, I am expected to wake him up "chirp chirp chirp" and he wakes up. Which in fact could be done in theory by a trick, since if I am able to wake him up by occupying his body, he will consider it evidence. I call myself a theoretical spiritualist because I deal with questions that a practical spiritualist does not, and the big question before me is whether it is possible to turn this theoretical knowledge into practice.

"If you woke up in someone's body like that, would they still be the same person they were?"
"If you asked any person who came out of a coma if they were the same person they were before, I don't think any of them would say yes."


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