The human brain

Imagine a holographic video game, which is not difficult if you look outside your eyes and look around. You play this holographic video game, you call it your everyday life. It may seem crazy at first, but what if this is normal and what you consider to be normal is crazy? In the hologram, it is possible to create a highly authentic representation of the illusion of the physical world. If it really is this video game, then your brain is nothing more than a holographic computer designed to control the game for you.

If you think about it, religions and philosophies of worldviews can be fully subsumed into this explanation, which is worth taking a little more seriously from here on. If the characters in the adventure game on your Game Console today suddenly woke up and asked you what space and time were, what would you tell them? The same thing I read in some esoteric books. And here I can't pass up a joke that this would be a way to prove to them that their world is actually flat.

If you hypnotically believe that the coin in your hand is a glowing piece of metal, your hand will burn. This is surely a refutation of the objective reality of what you know and believe about the world, and here's the thing about how this holographic computer in your head works. From here on in, the gigantic universe could easily fit in your hand if the whole world was just a projection by an organ called the pineal gland. If this game is built so that you are the one controlling it for yourself, then only two things can define the game:

What you know and believe about the world

What we call reality, and indeed the game itself, is so real that it is an obstacle to someone just getting out of the game. As you start to do esotericism, translated you start to get interested in your inner world, you actually want to change your position within the game. How? If you cut off a small piece of a sheet of holographic artwork with scissors and illuminate it with laser light (but other coherent light might work), you won't see the small piece there, but the whole image in miniature. This means that every tiny element of the hologram contains the full information. So when you begin to meditate, you are making an attempt to access the world by looking at a small slice of yourself, if you can illuminate it with enlightened light.

You can bring forth enlightened light by raising your level of consciousness, which is logical, otherwise you would ruin the game by interfering in an unjustifiable way for your own benefit and at the expense of others. My personal opinion is that our current world is an anomaly in which disparate worlds have slipped into the same frequency and the highly believable illusion of reality has led to many misunderstanding the game. This is a problem that man has, in the form of an inner struggle and the solution would be there in everyone's mind if they did not believe and know anything else about the world than what is needed to solve the problem.

Now it's as if the admin power has gone to the players. That's why you beg upwards, kneel before an unknown power you know nothing about and believe you are a little man who can't do anything because he has no power. Of course not! It's all in your head. But something else happened and it explains why they can do this without feeling that their actions have consequences. I realised this when I raised my level of consciousness to a level far higher than anyone expected and realised the greatest threat to the higher dimensions and that is boredom. Boredom is best created by fear, in which you would rather do nothing lest you get hurt. But that may be because you believe it and the hologram sets the game for you based on your belief.

But the reality of the reality also explains why many people became afraid and the need for peace and tranquillity. However, when players start acting as admin, it means that this power is not manifested under the control of minds prepared to do so. This is why it would be particularly important to develop your personality, on which real power depends. If you receive an initiation in exchange for your homage and the right cell in your brain does not open up in time with the earning, it results in a world (game) in which no one feels comfortable. As the game becomes resistant to such changes, there are many difficulties for those who go down this path.

But what if few feel that their lives should be subordinated to it, but many think the game should be fixed? Because it's not for everyone, and besides, this game wouldn't be so bad if someone would come along and do it. My point is, instead of knowing and believing what you know and believe about the world, have the opportunity to participate according to your own ability and assumptions and don't wait for anyone to be your savior. Because you could do that yourself. How?

Imagining the world as if it were a holographic video game

You live and play in it

Then, with this eye, you can restore the game in your imagination

In fact, you don't even need to go into the details

All you have to do is send the intention on the consciousness network

Because there will always be those who will make it happen

You have everything in your head


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