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If my aim is to put things in order in people's minds, in my case the opposite can often happen. We live in a changing world, where even in slow time scales, events have accelerated, which can be seen in the pace of everyday life. The bipolar world order collapsed 30 years ago, but there are still people alive who were born before that. The bipolar world order is interesting because capitalism had a human face and this is the key to understanding what our future depends on.

Because I am convinced that capitalism and democracy are incompatible concepts and that they could only work because they were in competition with the existing socialism, whose main argument was precisely that it was a man's face, but it didn't work very well. Capitalism provided the very human face through democracy, which it didn't really need anymore with the disappearance of the competitor. The emergence of multinational corporations and the big tech companies whose capital power brought them up to the level of the states brought a vision of what we call corporate domination.

However, corporate domination and democracy cannot coexist, because you would not question the decision of your CEO today. The power of corporations is profit, and if the system becomes dominant, the chances of living in it will be exactly the same as in today's dictatorships or the kingdoms of old. Who is the leader and what is his personality. In a world where everything is determined by money, capital power will be paramount, which means that if something does not change, we are heading for such a future. Where in today's world the management of a tech company will immediately crush union organizing and dodge paying taxes. Because the power of money is great, it is only a matter of time before the democratic institutions that provide control are eroded and become a puppet of capital power.

Many people make the mistake of seeing Islam as a religion. Islam is not only a religion, it is also a political movement. And it is a political movement that makes no secret of the fact that it has a dominant vision. It is a vision in which there are no political tendencies and no alternatives. Although it may have been tolerant in the past, today the conflict between Shiites and Sunnis, even though the difference between them is much smaller than in the Catholic-Reformed relationship, says it all. In Europe, the separation of church and state has been crucial for development, and this has been implemented in Arab countries as a result of the US becoming a world power, and has even appeared in regions where it did not exist before. But the same has happened in Muslim areas of Russian interest and you were born into this world, so for you this is the norm.

So far, it has been what the average person would call a simple but interesting piece of writing with food for thought, designed to spark off your own thoughts. After that comes the part that makes me go mad at such eyes, but it hasn't excited me before and it won't after this.

When you see on TV that some shows are seriously dealing with the ancient astronaut theory that certain artifacts, religious material and myths infer that our planet was once visited by aliens, my response is that they never really left. Understanding this is difficult because we live in a 3D timeline where higher dimensional intrusions are spread across this timeline in ways that we can see as gigantic. In fact, these interventions are invisible to us, even though they are happening before our eyes, because if we take one element out of the understanding, that aliens exist, they cannot have anything to do with the economic and political events on the planet.

The alien worldview is based on the idea that you, the individual, do not exist as an individual, but are part of a collective that has vertical and horizontal dimensions. In this sense, there are a lot of 'other you's' on Earth and you are part of them, but here the individual consciousness is so strong that it is not well understood to this day. They understand something, as much as you understand what the collective consciousness is. The fear that Hollywood movies reflect of alien invasion is actually equal to alien fears of humanity, but these aliens are not thinking in terms of military solutions. Their interference is invisible and imperceptible, because the occupier is perceived by all as themselves and becomes susceptible to populism, for example, to the point of losing the ability to think. That's why we see religious receptivity in them from the outside, that they lose reason, because technically it really is like a religious belief. In the alien world, religion and politics are one, but that is not the only conceptual confusion that actually confuses anyone who has some insight into the background of events.

The alien goal is communicating the earthly heaven, but this is not nearly what you would first understand. If we now abstract from what heaven on earth means philosophically and theologically, where your consciousness goes after your death, we can stay with what happens on this timeline and who the actors really are. That is, who are you, who are the Arabs, who are the Gypsies, the Jews, the Russians, the Indians, and so on. If we accept the alien position that you are a member of this vertical and horizontal network of consciousness, then theoretically there is no such thing as earthly humanity. However, if there is such a thing as earth humanity, then we also have to settle the question of religions that transmit alien value systems that we believe to be angelic-divine. The alien world accepts the cult of the living god, which in short means that they accept certain selected initiates as human figures of certain spiritual beings. On Earth, by contrast, initiates are mainly grouped in secret societies and do not appear as sacred beings in public life, but rather as celebrities, politicians and entrepreneurs in a secular setting. 

This means that the two worlds are actually converging, because the superconscious minds do not distinguish between secular and religious, and democracy and equality are non-systemic concepts for them. Democracy means an advanced order of coexistence of individual consciousnesses, in which hierarchical authoritarianism based on rank is considered as non-systemic. With the comment that there are also superconsciousnesses who are democratic in spirit and that this struggle is actually taking place between them, which is only projected onto the Earth with varying degrees of success. It makes a great difference who your consciousness is under the influence of, what the nature of the occupation is, which is influenced by the direction of your consciousness ascension. The direction of your ascension is basically determined by your beliefs, the nature of the possession by whom you are at the mercy of, and the influence depends on the values you follow. The situation is not simple because these can be contradictory in one person, which is interpreted as a serious problem by all the above entities who see their own omnipotence as the solution.

It is worth understanding that alien presence is not new, but has always been part of the evolution of humanity. Which civilisation has been dominant in the meantime may well be a function of where the consciousness of whoever was dominant at the highest spiritual level was. Which has not changed since then, by the way, but there is some time lag before the change reaches the physical plane and the new leading pattern of behaviour and character does not have a uniform effect in a far from homogeneous environment.

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