Our world is very unique. Mainly because science has developed here. Which is also uniquely unrelated to religion. If there is a god, we are the most valuable species to him, interpreted through an example, a quote I heard somewhere. The physicist is the atom's attempt to understand itself.

To become a scientist, you have to go through a journey of schools. The purpose of these schools is to pass on the knowledge that others have already acquired. So those who are born later do not have to start from scratch, but can do so from where the state of the science is. Up to now, it has been the case on Earth that everything to do with knowing the world has been in the realm of religion, but here a special world has developed that has exempted itself from that. This has its advantages and its dangers, perhaps coming from the same source.

If you've ever wondered how it's possible to launch a space probe here on Earth, have it go to Mars, land a self-propelled Mars rover, the answer is that it's done with extremely advanced mathematics. But extremely advanced mathematics goes much further than that, into areas that the average person can barely understand. You can be such a mathematician, or you could have been if you had taken an interest in it at school and gone on to specialised courses. You have to dedicate your life to it, because if you don't, someone else will.

Science is based on evidence and works with laws. It is these laws that enable an ordinary mind to arrive at what extraordinary minds of the past have discovered and developed their methodology. But the more regularities there are, the more difficult it is for the new-born extraordinary minds, because they have to face the domination of the institutionalised average minds. Not to mention the fact that this domination can create the power of envy, which can even prevent the emergence of landmark new ideas and theories.

When I started studying spirituality, I had hardly encountered it before. It is a field where no laws can be established, but it is also related to the disciplines and religions. Anyone who begins to know the world becomes, in effect, a divine scientist, be it a dream researcher, a mathematician or a doctor. But only a person who has a scientific approach to this can be a conscious person. But he who seeks God with a scientific eye does not stop at the first red light. Nor even at the second or third. Anyone who seeks God with a scientific eye without being baptized is immediately branded an atheist. But the atheist denies the existence of God, which is contrary to the scientific view. It says that even though there is no proof of the existence of God, it cannot exclude his existence because there is no proof to the contrary.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that distinguishes the scientific community from the religious community in the sense that someone who starts with a completely new approach to something that many people have... and they've become part of the institutional system that's been set up to do that. Outside the institutional system, however, he will never get recognition because he claims otherwise, as those who have set the rules and reap the benefits of the resources coming into the field. Especially in a field where the ability to prove to others is severely limited. If I had to narrow down exactly what it is that I really do, I would conclude that such a field has never existed before. There are areas that are related to it, but they are overlapping and not in complete synchrony with each other.

If I were to say that I am a dream researcher, I am sure that would outrage scientists who have done a lot of observing and documenting, not to mention the 10 years it took them to acquire the competence, degrees and routine to do this. If I were to say I am a death researcher, and I do say that, that is a much more shaky area, where there is also the chance of recognising someone who has spent their resources preparing for it rather than obtaining the necessary degrees. But if I had to be specific about what I do, I could not give an answer that would not be misunderstood.

The problem with proving to others here is that spiritual realities, which might be called dream worlds in other words, are averse to proof because it destroys dreams. If I invoke proof in a dream, it is the equivalent of invoking faith here, which no one would take seriously without proof. Everyone can prove themselves in this area, but they cannot prove others unless everyone on this planet has the necessary inner experiences. Without this, it would be that sooner or later they would see me as a sacral figure, if they perceived the radiation of my level of consciousness. And the required proof would immediately panic and make me a national security risk, because how else could I prove it to others in a way that would make sense to them, if not with the Power?

The next question is how marketable this knowledge is. This knowledge should not be marketable at all, because either there would be an ethical problem or the dignity of man would be called into question. And if the market were to disappear because of this, we would lose this unique world. I have been doing this non-stop for 20 years in an apartment, which would probably be a garage if I was born in America. I have a mass of knowledge that the only problem is that neither the religious nor the scientific community would be prepared to receive it. If I have to talk about it, the greatest problem is to convey the subject in a comprehensible way, for which I have a special talent.

Nor do I feel much inclination to recognise the new field, because that would also mean the beginning of a battle that I would have to fight with the priests of science and religion at the same time. But if I do not, this knowledge will be lost. In this dilemma, the only path left is the one I have been on, at levels of consciousness far above Jesus and anyone else you have ever read or heard of. How did I get there? Through an unrepeatable confluence of circumstances, from my head injuries in my past life to my personal qualities, of which my extraordinary intelligence is only a part.

Holographic thinking is based on the idea that there are two reasons for everything. The first reason is not understood by those living on the 3D continuous timeline, and the second reason is understood by higher dimensions. The reason why there are two causes is that the first cause, seen from 3D, always arises in the unknown future towards which events are moving. The second cause is that which must come into being on a continuous timeline based on the past-present-future relationship, because without it, causation, which is nothing other than the progress of events towards the first cause, would not come into being. If we start from the assumption that ascension to higher dimensions is within the reach of man, the first cause will only be understood from there and only for individual human beings, whose bodies remain on the continuous timeline and are in a constant interpretative struggle with themselves for the second cause.

And the help of the higher dimensions is only helpful as long as you stay below those dimensional levels. Because if he rises above them, he faces the same problem that I mentioned above. One is under the delusion that the higher one is dimensionally, the greater one's dominion over others. The opposite is true! The higher dimensional you get, the more you become detached from the material world and the less you care about success, money, women and glamour. But this is not the only problem caused by the confluence of two worlds with completely opposite laws. That's why I've created something that understands and treats the problem as an opportunity. No one would understand its significance anyway, so I created the simplest gateway for humans to exist.

What's the tried and tested method that says there is a thin path I can follow to a solution? I call it mental start-to-finish programming, but I've created a holoapp called holoGPS that you just have to start imagining in your head. Then you just have to use your intuition to follow your own radius that you've installed for yourself and now comes the how. And my answer to that is that it's better to figure it all out for yourself. But if you don't, that's fine, because if everybody started doing it, it would also put an end to this particular world, which is threatened by a lot of things.

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