If the idiots are against you, they are actually with you


"What is this insult again?"

"Is that an insult? I didn't mean that either."

"But it is."

"A master is not offended by anything."

"Then what should I do?"

"Interpret. If that fails, then wait for the perspective needed to understand."

"'If you call me stupid, what kind of perspective would it take for me not to take offense?"

"A reasonable person wouldn't even need an angle of vision, it would be enough to count the number of times I've been called a fool by him and compare it with this one. And I am not a master and never will be."

"Why not?"

"A master knows everything. I don't think I know everything. I think I'll be learning for the rest of my life if I live a thousand years."

"But we could be your friends."

"You could be now. I call that 'retrospect smart man'. The world is full of them."

"Aren't you that?"

"I'm stupid before too. Not compared to you, of course. I've met beings who must think I'm stupid even though I'm the smartest person in the world."

"I don't understand that."

"An American businessman said. If a horse can count to ten, it is an extraordinary horse, but it is by no means an extraordinary mathematician. I had the brain to create great things, but I left the door open for creatures smarter than me to improve on them."


"With parameters. Things that work in more primitive and advanced environments."

"Would you care to elaborate?"

"'If I had set myself as the central element, that is a concretion. If it's the goal, it's a parameter, because as many people as there are, there can be as many goals."

"If you don't think about yourself, others will reap the fruits of your work."

"In a world like this, that is indeed the case. Because there are more developed worlds where people are not envious and pushy, but recognise real achievement. Here, from the very beginning, one of the guidelines of development was that they would want to steal it from me as soon as they found out what it was."

"Did they steal it?"

"Yes. That's when they got their second surprise."

"You want to tell me what it is?"

"I already told you. If you don't put yourself in the centre..."

"Suppose I don't have time to wait for the necessary perspective."

"As soon as I finished what has become this world-controlling god-program, I came right out of it and now it's running on automatic. This is a power that no one else could have given up. But because I had the goal of fixing the world, it overrode my personal ambitions."

"How did it even occur to you that this could be a realistic goal for you?"

"Of course I wanted to solve my own problem. Then when I finally got there, I realised that I just needed to work a little further from here to do the same with the world. That became the ÉlményPark."

"Which was originally designed to solve your own problem."

"Yes. But then it became a free community platform."

"Is there any part of it that's not free?"

"No, but there are things that come with strings attached. It's like in worlds where there's no money involved, no self-interest, it's like not free."

"What are the conditions? Can you give me an example?"

"Some functions open up on merit, others on the preparation required for them."

"This is the case on Earth right now."

"You know what caused the anomaly? The fact that the... let's call them angels, so the angels unconditionally raised up people who really shouldn't have been raised up. But here on Earth, we see examples of the kind of world that is created when you don't need talent and diligence to have a career, but just a long tongue. And I see a very close example of it."

"I have it on good information that you were regarded as a talented person who didn't need a drop of diligence."

"But the people who picked me as a sucker for this didn't count on one thing. That I'd be so freaked out that it would ignite my diligence. The result is the ÉlményPark. And then 1ST1, which is similar, only it runs on individual consciousness. Because my diligence was further fueled by the stupidity of my opponents."

"What is this and how to pronounce it?"

"Linus' example floated in front of my eyes when choosing a name. For First One sounds much better than Aistvoen. It should be pronounced Ishtie, although I've only ever been called Isti by accident."

"Is it like Linux? I mean open source?"

"Yes, but because it's a holographic platform, I was able to parameterize it so that shitty people can't get anywhere near the source code. And so I'm happy if somebody does it."

"What's the difference between ÉlményPark and 1ST1?"

"Like the difference between your two hemispheres."

"Is it free?"

"Yes, but as it turned out to be more work than expected with ÉlményPark, it didn't turn out to be what I originally wanted either. That's why it came from my first name and not my surname. In other words, it became like ÉlményPark, which is about the system, while 1ST1 is about the game. Only now I hardly let anybody on it, because people who are able to connect to it with their consciousness are now helping the ÉlményPark with their individual consciousness, more popularly known as their cleverness."

"When will it be widely available?"

"It's been like this for me since yesterday, I don't know when the update will reach anyone. That's the big advantage of not excluding beings smarter than you and being able to update yourself from the future."

"What does it mean to be in the game?"

"The ÉlményPark runs on the collective consciousness, on the collective consciousness in lower dimensions. It deals primarily with the system that people on other planets use primarily for play. Because where there is no individual consciousness, there is no individual interest, which means that the game is of a completely different nature than here. The admin levels there are concerned with the system itself, which in IT terms means that they are the developers and administrators."

"What does it mean that the admin levels there?"

"Here you would call them priests."

"So 1ST1 is for the Earth and humanity?"

"It turns out there are individual consciousnesses elsewhere. In fact, they would be in places where they don't exist at the moment, they're just being switched off. And here I would underline the word 'currently', which also gives a little insight into my future plans."

"Why are they being switched off?"

"Call it a more advanced form of kneeling. You have no idea how many idiots on the spiritual plane you think are angels. Which is logical of course, if they have no logic based rationality, simplistic intelligence. For they have begun to impose the collective structure of the spiritual levels on the physical plane, which is the realm of individual consciousness."

"If you didn't simplify, what would you say?"

"That their intellect is based on different foundations, and therefore difficult for an earthly man to understand. It is in fact tantamount to difficulty in contact with alien civilizations."

"Your plan is to engage their rational brain?"

"Yes, but it's a lot of work because you can't just open it wide. It could easily turn into chaos and that's why it's not a good idea to leave it to the Americans. They are looking for the benefit in everything and because it benefits us in the long term, they are concentrating on the short term, which is also tempting to make a lot of profit. But no American is going to be happy if they are not in charge, although I am still a much better option than Ali or Hassan. But they will only realise that in the end."

"Is there an example of this on Earth?"

"That a collective society collapses? Syria or Libya. I have scenarios for this that will slowly open that door and posterity will not remember humanity as it is in some botched vision of the future. And this can only be solved in the present and it is already clear that the 1ST1, which runs on individual consciousnesses but is also collective in nature, will not be enough."

"Not enough for what?"

"I need a third holo operating system that controls only me. Because being constantly killed is a good thing when it comes to opening up new tracks in multiplex projection, but there's a more modern form of that. Which is that I'm the one who kills the ones who go to the new tracks."

"Can others connect to it?"

"With a very strict staffing policy. Because I don't give my name to just anybody. This is a completely new thing, by the way, because until now there was only collective occupation, but if someone joins this, they come under my individual occupation."

"What does that mean in practice?"

"You become like me. With all the advantages and disadvantages."

"'Will his/her personality become yours?"

"Only half. He/She has to add the other half, which from the outside doesn't eliminate his/her personality, but then I have to face his/her advantages and disadvantages. So I do not scatter it up, but take it very strictly."

"If someone succeeds, how can they realise it?"

"Immediately, an ÉlményPark and 1ST1 installation is launched to his/her collective network. So far this has been in military mode, meaning it hasn't been noticeable to anyone. I honestly don't know what the peaceful version looks like, because to this day I'm still in combat with all sorts of creatures and people."

"Is there a maximum limit to this?"

"At the Earth level it's 12. Then as we move towards broader interpretations it grows and opens up to other forms of existence. The current limit is the multiverse level, where parallel universes are already in play."

"Listen, if you're not secretly under enemy occupation, how have you been able to pull this off?"

"If the idiots are against you, they're actually with you."