Holo Game

"By this I should mean our daily lives?"


"Why a game?"

"Life is originally a game that has been forgotten in reality."


"The illusion of reality is strong, so people take it too seriously."

"How can this be changed?"

"Stop taking yourself so seriously."

"What is it that turns people away from playfulness?"


"What is the root of fear?"

"The fear of death. I started researching death and found that from the higher dimensions, there is no such thing as death. This is probably one of the reasons why the fear of death exists."


"Because you like to play simulators and have experiences you wouldn't otherwise have."

"Why do you say that death doesn't exist from the higher dimensions?"

"Death exists only in the belief of one reality for individual consciousnesses. If you are an individual and you live in only one reality, it is as incomprehensible to them as the higher dimension and the collective consciousness is to you."

"But then only death exists."

"For everyone except the dead person. In my research I have found that death is not noticed by anyone. Sure there are signs, but hardly anyone attributes them to such an assumption. Because no one can prove it to others."

"Did you see the film where a scientist proved something like that and chaos broke out because of mass suicides? Don't you think this theory is dangerous?"

"That someone would flee to suicide instead of restoring the game? That's like looking for another planet because you destroyed the Earth. What guarantee do you have that you won't destroy that planet too?"

"But is it possible to escape to the Death?"

"That is, redemption through death? It is possible, but only for those who have earned it."

"What about immediately for those who don't?"

"They wake up in the morning in their beds in the same reality. Or in another, which could be a parallel reality, could be one level up and could be one level down."

"Is this the heaven and hell you're talking about?"

"It's a matter of point of view, because if I'm being lifted up by beings who misunderstand the physical world and I'm very uncomfortable there, then heaven is what's lower for me."

"How can you not feel comfortable up there?"

"Imagine a world where there is no privacy and they think you're stupid if you think. Which could be heaven for those who like to live in a kind of collective caring peace where no one does anything. I like to do creative things and I like work that doesn't feel like work. By that I mean work that I am forced to do out of obligation for a living."

"That's life."

"You project your world onto yourself. If you believe others that this is life, then what you believe is life for you."

"I don't think believing otherwise tomorrow will change my life."

"You can only start down that road tomorrow if you really believe it. Because you're deep in the game of others who believe that this life is your business."

"What is the first step to change?"

"To believe that life is a game. Then you come to a fork in the road. Either the playfulness comes back into your life and you start to play your life, or you start to care more deeply and your goal is to make the world a better place for others too."

"The second how?"

"You imagine the world as if it were a holographic video game and start to fix the game. Also in your imagination."

"Does that fix it?"

"There are two possible scenarios here. Either you keep playing this imaginary game, or you just do that and someone else does it. If you continue, it is called meditation, if you don't, it is called intention, to which those who meditate may be susceptible."

"How did you find that out?"

"I didn't believe what the masters said, I didn't believe what the priests said and I believed myself, not others. But it is not easy and there are many difficulties if you choose this path."


"Because it's a kind of spiritual hierarchy of power and no one will be happy if you self-appoint yourself out of the role that others have dreamed you into."

"But you would have to be intelligent enough and brave enough to do that. I'm not sure I could do that."

"You can still play within the limits of what you have. Once you've let go of an intention, you've done your part."

"But if that's the case, then what you've said so far is something else I'm supposed to believe."

"Didn't you just say you couldn't do that? I could have. If you believe that what I say is true and fair, you have saved yourself enough intelligence and the necessary courage."

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