Where there is so much talk about altruism, it is rarely present in practice. This is such a rare occasion. It all depended on a fortunate combination of circumstances. When I began these meditations, I didn't start out doing what I call Creation 2.0, but things developed as I went along. Of course, someone's dreams of 'let the world be fair' and 'let the world be normal' and 'let the world be restored' are normal wishes, but they were not properly parameterized. What does 'the world' mean? Because one can have one's small world framed by one's daily life and one can have the multiverse level, including the universe in all parallel realities. The latter, of course, is only theoretical until someone comes along who has had a history of head injuries that opened up his brain and gave him a first initiation that allowed him to reach previously unimaginable levels of dimension. 

It was also lucky that this happened on a planet where it is possible to reach such frequencies without ever encountering spirituality and avoiding sacred (and secular) institutions along the way. He has the courage to face the tasks and beings that await him without fear and the honesty to do what he has been talking about. Even when he acquires the power to do so. He must have independent thinking, a level of intelligence well above average and be born in the right constellation. Now that I have told you one half of the luck factor, I could tell you the other half, but they have already taken place on a dimensional level that transcends both religions and the current state of science. My driving force at the beginning was to solve my own problem, but then I realised that I just had to go a little further from there to do it with the whole world. That was 12 years and I only needed two more, but then I was attacked in a way that added another 6 years... and transformed the solution into this. This period is absolutely altruistic on my part, and it is now bounded by the ethical environment that I have set up and whose rules apply to me.

Short, concise and clear. I have created a completely new spiritual framework and I have also taken care to avoid the mistake of similar frameworks, i.e. that they become a religion and then serve the interests of lower beings. I have named it the ÉlményPark (ExperiencePark) Holo Operating System, because how else could the title best capture the essence of the physical plane. This later became the ÉlményPark Platform at higher dimensional levels, but so few people will get to it that I mention it only as a point of interest. When I was done with this work, it has since run automatically with the philosophy of linux, and I have come out of it and turned to the tasks that are now provided by my own spiritual platform instead of by beings who in my experience have never kept any of their promises. Coming out of it, I cannot override it, and neither can these beings. Of course, I remain the main developer, but to reach that zone of consciousness on the timeline is 3 years and 3 years back, plus time spent there, so the next one of these is only expected after the tests and it won't be anytime soon. Open source, available to anyone with the quality that the parameters strictly define. If not, any shitty person (or creature) could access it and the work I've done would be worthless. I have done this work with my own diligence, talent and funding, no one else's. Not even if he is the Lord himself, but you'd better take it from me that he is rather a Lady.

The question arises as to how the rank of a person who has reached a level of dimension never seen before should be determined, especially in the light of the fact that even one above us is no longer recognised as independent of the individual. And all this on a planet that is a world of science and in a civilisation based on democratic principles. If I want these values to be preserved, I cannot assert this rank on the level of everyday life and I have to accept the rules that define such a world. But then I am faced with the problem that beings of a much lower rank than me and their human counterparts want to literally rule this world. All this while I am part of a star family (collective) whose rank is (much) lower than what I have achieved as an individual and they do not understand a word of it. Moreover, as humanity has undergone a shift in consciousness and ascended into this collective realm, science and democracy have been seriously threatened and I have had to face new challenges. What no one understands in its totality and its logical connections, and those who could help me in this, they first look at me as a fool.  So I actually created a spiritual operating system running on individual consciousnesses, modelled on the ÉlményPark, for which I am sure they would have given me a Nobel Prize in 2000 years or so and called it the Game Server, because that is what Life is, after all, if it is a big game. Which is now basically helping me to develop and run the ÉlményPark with your selfless contribution, the details of which I will leave aside for now.

After all this altruism, let's finally get to the selfish stuff, which is now determined by my financial situation, because it would be hard to imagine what it was like to go 20 years without income. The details and framework of this are not clear either, as it has never happened anywhere that someone from the physical plane as an individual has reached such dimensional levels in a fundamentally atheistic world. It goes without saying how hopeless it would be to explain to the outside world what the situation would be if I went to work somewhere and who the being called my boss would be. But this information is good for you to start thinking seriously about the same thing in your own context and you'll soon find out the trick that you haven't been able to explain. Don't expect understanding from above from beings who have no logical based rationality, hence no understanding and who misunderstand the situation completely. Frankly, I haven't the faintest idea how these problems could be remedied. But this is not new to me, so back in the day I created an XD program that does it given the parameters assigned to it and that would be the second Nobel Prize of many. So I don't know what will happen and how, but I'll try my best to solve it when I get into it, as I have done so far.

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